Originality = Standing out

You see it more and more nowadays. More ads everywhere you go. We are constantly being bombarded by billboards, TV, radio, online, text messages. It seems we can’t run away from it. In a world where there is so much information available and we are marketed and advertised to almost non stop, is there a way to stand out…

Author Jimmy Levine says that “originality brings attention and attention creates customers.”

That thought is also supported by Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow. You have to differentiate yourself and your business from all your competitors, but how.

Start by seeing what they are doing. Most people build their businesses by copying others. That is how man has progressed since the beginning. There are more ways though. If we start from scratch and ignore everything else, but the simple truths. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, Space X and Solar City is a big believer in this philosophy and claims this is what has allowed him to think different. You can’t disagree, it has worked out great for him.

On a similar note, Shane Parrish, from Farnam Street Blog has repeatedly said, “if we read the same books as everyone else, we will be thinking in much the same way.” It is key that our originality is allowed to develop in order to create innovative ideas in whatever field we pursue.

So breaking off from this point, what can we do, to really blow things up and set ourselves apart. Lets take a look at three methods that work great.


Set time every day for 30 minutes (if possible), take whatever problem you have or anything you are working on and without editing, just write. Write without editing and letting your inner voice judge the value of your text. Just write and do it as fast as possible. All the ideas you have. At the end of 30 minutes, go through it and look for the most interesting ideas that you can continue to work with. It may not be great at the beginning, but with practice you will start to see huge changes. One of the benefits that this brings is your ability to think quick, respond fast and get you thinking in different ways.

Set limits

Dr. Seuss, is said to have written his book, Green eggs and ham with only 50 words. It was a bet that he made with a friend. That book became one of his best selling books. When you set limits on something on purpose, your creativity is forced to come up with ways to fill in the holes.

Take risks

Too often we are afrais to make mistakes, screw up, get laughed at. But once we push through, despite that fear, we can experience amazing things. Breaking out of your comfort zone, being adventurous, growing more courageous, whatever you call it. Once you stop judging all you do, you’ll find people will see you differently. This carries into all you do.

There you have it. Try these ideas and let me know how it works out for you.


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